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That's like asking "What kind of car should I buy?" If you already have a 44 Navy then get another one and you'll have a nice pair. I have a pair of just about everything. Lots of pairs. If you are shooting brass framed guns, stick to 20 grains powder and the ball. I have both Colt and Remington style guns. I like 'em all. You want to be sure the guns function flawlessly (pretty much) before going to any matches and get used to a routine for loading. The cylinder change feature is highly over rated on the Remingtons. Just get a nice flask that holds a lot of powder and a 20gr spout. You may also want to get a third gun for use as a spare in case of breakage or for any reload on the clock stages. I always take 3 or 4 revolvers to a two gun match. I've had two guns break hand springs during the same match once.
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