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I got one of those puppies. They are a kick in a butt to play with. Not bad shooters single action. The double action trigger is about 476 lbs.

Not all that bad in the accuracy department if you concentrate on the little front sight (as it sets in the rear notch).

I got some Fiocci Ammunition from Cheaper then Dirt when I first got mine, while I was waiting for some 32-20 brass to convert. The Fiocci was cheaper then my brass and is reloadable.

If you want to reload, Lee dies work pretty good. If you use 32-20 brass you have to trim .010 off the back of the rim and run it through the 7.62X38R sizing die. Once that's done it works great.

Again its a fun little gun to shoot. I'm planning on shooting a multi gun match with my Nagant and Mosin. Slow reloading the cylinder but who cares I shoot for fun anyway.
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