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Try this one:

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 67 > § 1382 Entering military, naval, or Coast Guard property
Whoever, within the jurisdiction of the United States, goes upon any military, naval, or Coast Guard
reservation, post, fort, arsenal, yard, station, or installation, for any purpose prohibited by
law or lawful regulation; or Whoever reenters or is found within any such reservation,
post, fort, arsenal, yard, station, or installation, after having been removed therefrom or
ordered not to reenter by any officer or person in command or charge thereof—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

As to how a military commander could then handle civilian violation of such regulation:

− The commander has authority over, and acts as the employer of, civilian employees
-- The commander can give promotions and bonuses, as well as impose sanctions
-- The AFI 36 series defines this relationship
− The commander has less authority over nonemployee civilians on base
-- As “mayor” of the base, the installation commander has authority to maintain order and discipline, and to protect federal resources
-- As a practical matter, this authority may be limited to detaining individuals for civilian law enforcement officials and barring them from the installation
-- The installation commander may bar an individual from the base for misconduct but must follow certain procedural requirements
-- The commander has almost no authority over civilians off base
UCMJ arts 89, 90, 92
AFI 51-604, Appointment to and Assumption of Command (4 April 2006)

Note also this authority in effect and implemented:

Read especially page 2

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