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O man, Issa just spanked Cummings. Issa was entering into evidence the email from Breuer supporting gunwalking. Cummings objected that Issa improperly characterized the memo as gunwalking since Breuer supported Mexican police interdicting the weapons. Issa points out that he is using the same definition of gunwalking used by the minority in their discussion of Wide Receiver, goes on to describe in great detail the difference between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious, and then looks to Cummings who mumbles into his mike, stares at the paper in front of him for five minutes and then mumbles "Uh we disagree on the definition of gunwalking I think."

Rep. Gunta asks Holder the F&F equivalent of "has he stopped beating his wife yet?" Holder responds with a monologue on how good he is. Entertaining; but not especially productive.

Rep. Clay clearly displays his character, much to his shame.

Rep. Cummings wants to point out that all the ATF agents were reassigned and that 4 U.S. Attorneys in Phoenix have resigned or "stepped down" as a refutation of the assertion that noone has been held accountable.

Rep. Kelly grilling Holder on his pledges of transparency and how it is Holder never has any knowledge of what is going on.

Kucinich pulls out an elaborate org chart of DOJ to show why the AG may not have known. No idea what he said since he didn't speak into the mike. And apparently Tom Hanks is the star of the movie "Groundhog Day" (about the 20th reference to that movie from the minority). "We must be very careful about people's reputations." Your reputation remains unchanged Dennis. Congrats.

Rep. Labrador points out that Holder's testimony in Fast and Furious is similar to his testimony in Marc Rich and other cases. Cummings objects that this is a Fast and Furious hearing and why is all this other stuff coming up. Issa referees.

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