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OH MY GOD I'M GONNA BE SICK!!!!! I posted the above pictures over on Gun Values this is the response I got.

Hello Chris,

If you are not sitting down, please do so now... and if your father is in the vicinity, have him sit down as well.

What you have is a Model 1894 Fancy Sporting Rifle, with several special order options. It has one special order option that is very rare, and consequently very very desirable. Of the 2.6-million pre-1964 Winchester Model 1894/94 rifles and carbines that were manufactured, there were only (157) of them that were special ordered with a case color hardened receiver frame, and your rifle is one of them. The deluxe 3X checkered walnut stocks are another one of the special order features.

Your rifle has a lot going for it;

1. Antique (pre-1899 manufacture)
2. Fancy Sporting Rifle
3. Case color finished
4. Deluxe 3X checkered stocks
5. 38-55 caliber
6. Special order rear sights

In my professional opinion, your rifle is worth (sit down now) a minimum of $30,000 . In a high-end auction, it could sell for a fair bit more than that. If it were mine, I would not consider any offer less than $30K!

If you do not yet have a Factory letter for that rifle, I highly recommend that you contact the Cody Firearms Museum research office and obtain one.

My final comment is this... that is one extremely desirable (collectable) Winchester Model 1894. It would be the absolute high-light of any top notch Winchester collection. It is simply flat-out rare, and it is worth a lot of $$$$$

Bert H.
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