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Davis panders to Holder. Holder says look at all the documents we provided. Issa points out these documents were only provided after he was threatened with criminal charges and subpoena. Holder says that despite that the documents were released voluntarily by DOJ in the spirit of good will and that it wasn't because of the subopena.

Rep. Gowdy tears into Holder, pointing out all the discussions within Main Justice that indicate knowledge of gunwalking in Fast & Furious. Gowdy screws up and confuses the WR emails with Fast & Furious. 5 minute break while they sort it out.

OK, Gowdy getting with it now.... he is asking about Grindler's big map of guns leaving Arizona to Meixco with a handwritten notation of "Fast and Furious" and asking how Main Justice didn't manage to make the connection with 1500 guns in Mexico and gunwalking. Holder says "no knowledge of tactics." Gowdy asks who drafted the February 4th letter and how they couldn't know about gunwalking?

Let me summarize the testimony of every Dem representative: Bush did it. DOJ and ATF are glorious. It is clear the AG knew nothing and should have known nothing. Mr. Holder, what anti-gun restrictions could we enact from your wish list in order to make sure this doesn't happen again?

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