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Rep. Meehan gets a bite out of Holder's hide and then points out that Fast and Furious was an OCTDEF operation, which requires approval from the Organized Crime Dept. of DOJ. He then asks Holder who approved it. Holder says "We are still trying to find that out, IG investigation" (paraphrased).

After that there is an argument that illuminates the earlier conversation regarding sealed wiretaps - the Committee wants to know whether the affidavits for the wiretap requests indicated the type of tactics being used in Fast and Furious. If they did, then numerous DOJ officials would be implicated by that. Holder says "As you know, applications do not go into tactics." and Meehan says "I don't know that, I haven't seen the applications."

Holder reiterates no tactics in application and then says that they will see if they normally allow this type of request.
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