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Here is the Oversight Committee's report - though apparently the Committee has completely split along party lines on this. For a real treat, read the Democratic report linked above first, then read this one.

Some of the highlights in a quick skim so far:

1. Lanny Breuer and Kenneth Melson discussed a "new approach" to ATF prosecutions in Arizona in December 2009. Lanny Breuer said it was a "great idea" and sent an attorney from DOJ's Criminal Gang unit (Joe Cooley)
to work the case, which turned out to be Fast & Furious. Cooley worked the case through March 2010 and Breuer had multiple meetings with Arizona USAO during this time.

2. Mark Chait (Asst. Director Field Operations) received a detailed briefing of Fast and Furious on Jan. 5, 2010 - and they discussed weapons seizures in Mexico in detail because Chait had just come from a meeting with Breuer on that subject.

3. Joe Cooley gave a detailed briefing at ATF headquarters on March 5, 2010. ATF leadership was irked that they were cut out of the loop since Cooley was reporting directly to the Criminal Division. Two weeks later, Cooley was pulled of Fast & Furious and documents indicate that DOJ was very pleased with the way the Arizona USAO was handling the case at this time. (Should be interesting to hear them explain that now that they are trying to throw AZ USAO under the bus).

Big report; and lots of information; but it looks like Breuer is going to have to start throwing deputies under the bus if he wants to escape. I don't see any way they aren't going to link it to Breuer though.
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