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I've heard some of the tapes and Andre Howard doesn't do himself any favors with the way he talks on those talks. He comes across very conspiratorial on those recordings. I know he released a statement afterward explaining that his atitude on the tape was feigned - or something to that effect, but the bottom line IMO, is that those recordings do not make him look good.

I think the lawyer for Brian Terry's family will have a field day with those tapes.

I'm not saying Howard should be put out of business. It does seem however that it's very profitable to be in league with the BATFE and their gun running schemes.

Maybe a better way to run a sting operation would be for BATFE to provide the cooperating gun dealer with the guns, pay the dealer a handling fee, but take the proceeds in as evidence.

I don't know... but I can see from the viewpoint of Brian Terry's family, whether or not Andre Howard was merely cooperating with a federal investigation or not... when the dust settles, he is a guy who made significant profits off of weapons that were used to kill Brian Terry.
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