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Yep, that's the thing. Every story of legally shot deer that are gut/leg/antler/ear/face shot always seems to include fairly substantial cartridges.

It's not about the gun. It's about the person behind it.

I have only once shot a deer twice with a gun. That time was because he had a broken leg from being hit by a car and stumbled going over a log just as the shot went off.

I have wounded 3, all with a 12ga using slugs that produce either 1750 or 2500 ft/lbs energy and all at ranges under 75 yards.

It wasn't the gun that was inadequate.

2 of the 3 "should" have been good shots and I'll never know what I did wrong. The other was accidental, a deer I didn't see behind the one I meant to shoot.

Point being, it's "I'll never know what *I* did wrong." It wasn't the guns fault and it rarely is the guns fault.
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