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Hey West Virginia Gunner,

Been hunting deer there for over 20 years. A few years back I found a dead deer on Thanksgiving day down in a swamp. I figure it was hit the first day. I did not want to roll it around to see where it was hit because it was hot and fly blown. I saw a white spot on the base of one antler and looked closer. It was a small flaked area around a hole about .277-.284 big. (Soft points go through woody-like stuff like a wood pecker). I took a picture of it but don't use a computer enough to get it on here. Picture an 8 point rack heavy enough to have a bullet hole through the center of it. Anyway, just about any .270 or 7mm is a hefty round, but there lay a dead wasted deer. I don't doubt somebody just emptied out their rifle on a deer running away from them. I have shot doe with front legs missing (Some healed over), a buck with a back leg missing, one with a hole in the ear, gut shot, and various other gun related ailments. I don't ever remember running into a hunter with less than a .243 on the mountain I hunt in Pa., even though a .17 center fire is legal for deer.
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