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DAVID S, What were you hunting nothing very big I hope.
5 day pack out,cant imagine THE effort it would take on red stag or large goat. If so you are my new HERO!!!
Actually we really went to see the country. The upper reaches of the valley where we were dropped off do contain small numbers of chamois and tahr and as my son (in the armchair) has never shot a tahr we took the Sako along for a walk just in case. Unfortunately we lost a day because of bad weather and, probably fortunately (?), we saw little sign of animals until we reached the lower country where there was lots of fresh deer sign but we left them alone as we have deer and chamois closer to home in slightly easier country.

The rifle was the proverbial PITA in the scrub, and also the ice axe which we took along to explore the glacier at the head of the lake. At least we used the axe and also the rope but all the Sako received was a lot of scratches.

I still reckon I qualify as a hero as I think it was not a bad effort for a guy past 65. But the lake and glacier were stunning.


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