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I believe rifles such as 30-30s are viewed a suffiecient on elk and larger game by some because thats wat our grandfathers and other ancestors used but let's not forget most times a family was very wealthy to have just one good rifle, they didn't buy a deer gun, bear gun, elk gun ect. They bought one gun an used it for everything and buy using it for everything they knew the rifle inside and out, they also more than likely didn't have money for a scope to top it and the scopes of the times were often never used because of fogging issues, let's face it with open sights anything past a hundred yards was completly covered when sighted with iron sights, thus giving a good refference, if you cant see the animal when you put the sights on it because the sights cover it the animal is to far, this also kept shots closer, Keeping velocity and knock down power up
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