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I've got an Encore BP .50 caliber barrel, a blue Ruger Old Army bicentennial, and a Thompson-Center Hawken .50 Caliber. So I guess I can post in here with you BP guys.

Heres one of me from an old 'scariest looking handgun' thread. I'm pointing my nickel, 3.5" S&W Model of 1950 357 Magnum.

It really doesn't look very scary too me. I can see why N-frames can handle the hottest .357 loads though, with all that cylinder meat.

Below is a pic of my Hawken. I'm terrible at taking long arm pics, I'd like to post pics of my custom rifles and old Winchesters, but my pics don't do them justice. I guess I'm going to have to find the time to shoot some pics outdoors with natural light.

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