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Response to Thallup Post # 1920.

The report by the San Fransco Paper concerning the employment of junior EOD personnel is contrary to my experience. In 1972 until I ceased having and active interest in EOD operations around 1979, EOD units were understrength.

They were so undermanned that young solders would arrive in a unit one day and be deployed on missions the following day. It was not unususl for very junior men to deploy with a Senior EOD Tech on VIP missions.

Additionally, they were often deployed on Presidential Missions, like the world Series, as a coningency incase the President were to attend. Often the Secret Service would NIX an event after the advance work had been done and they determined that the President or other VIP could not be protected.

If it weren't for Rep Issa, this investigation would have been buried long ago.

My Representative serves on the Committee and I routinely write him and encourage him to continue the investigation.

Each of us should be doing the same with our Representatives.

Conversly, those members of this blog, whose Representatives signed on with the minority report should write their Representatives and protest their vote.

These letters, use snail mail e-mails get deleted, should be respectful, logical and factual. There are enough quotes in this blog to convey the facts to these Congressman. Don't threaten. Threat letters get ignored.

If your Rep ignores you get out and vote. Before you vote support an opposition canidate whose position is positive on 5a issues and get others with like mind on the issues to vote as well.

We recently had a stealth election in our county. It was not advertised. The hope was that the opposition would not show up in sufficient numbers to beat the "Machine". When I found out about the low turn out, my wife and I started calling everyone we knew and got out the vote. The proposition was barely defeated, The 20 or so voters we got to the polls may have turned the tide.

Remember your vote does count. Local elections are often decided by under 100 votes. A solid block of 5a grass root supporters can change the antigun City and County governments.

Get Active now November is to late.

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