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Heres one for ya Red.
At home while dry firing....(of course being safe and ensuring you are unloaded) Go ahead and cock the hammer, then take a round that is flat on top, Say a hollow point, and balance it upside down on the end of the barrel. Next, raise the weapon to your sight picture and focus on something small like a light switch and pull the trigger steadily without knocking over the round. After a little practice, you will gain excellent trigger control. At first this will seem difficult I had been shooting for a long time before I heard about this method and I couldnt believe how much it improved my control. After all, Its all about trigger control. Also, use only the front end of your trigger finger. NOT the joint area. This will cause you to pull in and down just like anticipating the shot. Let the weapon "surprise" you when it goes off. This will all come into play as it will build muscle memory and you wont even have to "think" about it while doing it during live fire.

Keep us up to posted on your findings as well.
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