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I have a Colt HBAR that is now 26 years old. Whilie it isn't alwys my primary match rifle, I don't recall it ever jamming, at least I've never had to shoot an alabai string with it at matches that I can remember. I haven't kept track of the rounds fired through it because I've always had the intention of changing out its factory chrome lined heavy barrel, but alas, I never seem to get around to it.

I do clean it thoroughly after each use though and I always find myself wishing that it had a gas piston instead of the direct gas impingement system. I'm amazed at the longevity of the chrome lined barrel. My other match rifles burn out their throats at about four to five thousand rounds and need replacing. I'm quite sure that I have fired many more rounds through it than that.

As for brass, I use Lake City brass as I get that for free and it lasts for many reloads. The AR15/M16/M4 series of rifles seem to be pretty easy on brass compared to other auto loaders like M-14 or German G-3.
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