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brickeyee, you are still conflatining issues.

My property is my private property.

A military base is public property. Protections are very different.

The ability of a commander to set base regulations is not in question. What is in question is what statutes actually apply to any aftermath.

As far as categories of federal property go, sensitive areas, etc... There is a qualitative difference between, say, a DIA communications site on the one hand, and the golf course or Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola on the other.

You need high level clearances to get onto one; for the other (the museum, at least), you just show your DL and registration to the security guys and get a guest pass. Thousands of civilians drive around NAS Pensacola every year. Thousands of retirees park their RVs in the rental RV park every year.

IE, some bases have a lot of property that is much more like a national park, than a high security, sensitive base.

And some states have no laws barring weapons from being kept in parking lots, in cars, regardless of signage or business owner's wishes. (IE, no assimilation or statutes to be applied, off-base). In Missouri, I can even have a firearm in the parking lot of a school or police station, so long as it's kept in the car, and not "brandished."

So, perhaps I'm asking graduate level questions. So be it, I am. The CO can't pass legislation, per se. If the feds don't specifically have laws that give the CO's rules the force of law (going back to the discussion on types of jurisdiction), then once the person is back off the base, exactly what charges could be applied?

I still suspect the example given earlier, with the magistrate who handled everything via fines, was because the magistrate probably would have had problems trying to do anything more.

And no, I'm not suggesting anybody become a test case.

I am suggesting that we need to hold government much more accountable for how it acts. I'm even suggesting that making government facilities "gun safe zones" is BS. I don't value government employees more than I value the general public.
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