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Guys: I have read all your "posts" on having problems locking back your pistols (radom) slide. On the late produced Radoms the slide is locked back by lifting up on the hammer drop lever while holding the slide back, thus the slide will lock on a notch cut on the hammer. To drop the slide, just depress the hammer drop lever. I hope this helps. I have owned a lot of radoms in my life (I'm 67 years old) they are a great firearm!! I have heard that toward the end of production (Jan thru April 45) some radoms were produced without even the hammer drop lever, I have never seen one, though I would like to as it must be impossible to hold back the slide. By the way the only real "weakness" in the radom is on the end of the recoil rod. I have bought more than a few of them thru the years where they were either broken off or wore off.

I can't even envision the "hammer drop" lever being able to lock back the slide.
To the best of my knowledge, towards the end of production, they began producing them without the take down latch, not the hammer drop lever. FWIW, the slide stop on my Radom functions very similar to my 1911.
This is what locks back the slide on mine.

I agree with your comments regarding the recoil spring/rod assembly.
I purchased a spare for mine, and then learned that there were actually two different types produced. One with a captured spring and an internal spring rod, and the other a more conventional looking captured spring assembly without the internal spring rod.

Apparently there were many variations of these pistols manufactured during the war. I love mine ... though I don't shoot it all that often, it's proven to be very reliable and pretty accurate!

Radom / 1911 Comparison

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