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Mleake Post #80 asking for specific language.

What you are asking for is a Graduate level Law and Goverement course.

Just to learn to use DoD 5220.22-M National Industrial Security Progam requires the equiveleant of a 2 semester hour Graduate Course. It takes another 20 years to learn to impliment and manage a successful program.

If you truly want an answer, you need to find a JAG Officer (Military Lawyer) who worked in that portion of Military Law. A Senior Military Police Officer or Security Officer 05 or above might be able to answer your question.

Retired or former Junior Officers or enlisted personnel do not have the skill sets to answer your questions. There may be exceptions. Not many junior personnel have served in the Senior Policy (DoD, Department of the Army, Navy or Air Force or a Major Command) postings were this question is dealt with.

As a former Commander and General Staff Officer, I had to rely on individuals who spent their entire careers attempting to answer your question. The Orders I issued and those of every other Commander are based on the Legal Opinions and Regulations those subject matter experts promolgated.

In short there is no simple answer.
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