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A number of things are possible.
It is not a sure thing that you got some bad ammo,but it is a possibility.

I suggest you contact the ammo mfg ,have a stock # and lot #.Ask them if they know of any trouble with that lot of ammo.I do not suggest accusing them of anything.
In fact,other possibilities exist.It may be they will ask you to send them the ammo so they can check to see if there is a problem.

If I may ask,do you make it a practice to run a clean,dry patch through the barrel before you go to the range?

Oil/grease in the bore can be a problem.

Some mud dauber wasp or other bug in the bore,or something equally ridiculous.

Bummer about your rifle,it sounds hurt bad,but given what you describe,regardless of what is to blame,be very grateful you are not seriously injured or dead.You have good reason to be happy.

Long ago,I had a 1967 Chevelle SS396.My driver's license developed a problem,so my girlfriend became driver.he showed up,shook,with an accident report to my workplace.I just asked,"Did anybody get hurt?"She said"No"
I said"Then it was the best wreck you could have had" and I just let the car go.

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