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"I'd say .012 is at the end of the scale. The reason the barrel is tipped up is because the arbor hole is drilled too deep and the wedge is driven in way too far."

Hawg, thanks for your reply. Hmmm... It doesn't really appear to me that the barrel is tipped up, in fact when I use the feeler guages the gap seems to be quite parrallel all the way around. I was also told in another post that the reason my barrel to cylinder gap may be somewhat wide is because the arbor is too long and is bottoming out prematurely in the arbor hole. For the most part it seems that the .012 and .020 specs are at the extreme edge of what should be normal, so I will probably just leave this piece alone as a collector piece because I now have the Pietta to shoot when the occasion arises.
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