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oKay im not sure if i just did something bad.. I ran some white tee shirt pieces (aka my patches) down the barrel using the rod and the little attachment and about 75 percent of the way through it seems to encounter some resistance.. I put a little more force behind it and it goes all the way to the bottom of the barrel.. Did that a few times, no problem.. This time, it goes in like usual, hits some resistance, i put a little muscle into it, and it goes all the way down.. Now its time to pull it out.. its not budging... its stuck... I pulled it very hard and it came out but I can feel little grits of metal or something on the patch.. All the other times I did this, there was just some brownish liquid (I think its oil but it feels pretty watery) is it from the barrel? Gunpowder? i'm not sure what just happened but i hope i didnt mess anything up.. Shouldnt there be zero resistance? (especially 3/4 of the way in only)
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