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I don't know about the modern way, but yes the muzzleloader target scores
a 100 & 9X's. When my buddy shot it and the relay was over and he went
and got it, I had my camera and asked him to hold it up for a picture. No one
has ever beat the record set in 1961 I think of a 100 & 9. A very few and I
mean very few have tied it like you see here, but never beaten it. I'll post
the 50 yd record set by another friend of mine in 2002 if you want to see it.
The score on that one is a 98 & 3 X. The revolver 50 yd record is a 97. Set
by yet another friend of mine. You would think with friends like this they
would have taught ME how to shoot

Here is the 50 yd muzzleloading pistol record. There are 3 X's in there.

Here is the actual target shot in 1961 and my wife's best . Scores 100 & 7 X

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