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It surprised me too


I am positive of my load and there is no room for more powder anyway. I only use one weight bullet too so that's not it either. I had shot about 150 rounds with no problem. So I see what ur saying. I did and still will take the blame if I did something wrong. But Ruger took the blame. The interesting thing is that the repair is done with the gun completely assembled so it is a true external extractor system that sees the least amount of pressure than most of the other moving parts. Also Ruger told me how to do the repair and it only requires a large paper clip or small allen wrench to stick thru the side of the gun to hold a spring back while you snap in the extractor itself. If it goes on this easy??????


Your right, it was more of a POP I guess.

I thank everyone for your responses.

The new parts should be here by Thursday and I will update after the repair.
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