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Clean it and get to shooting !!!

First off I'd say that is indeed a TC Hawken model and it doesn't say so. Many early ones were not stamped as such. They call these Pre-Stamped models and more desireable to have. As far as being able to tell if it's loaded, there are a number of ways to tell. One is to take your ramrod out and drop it in the bore. If you hear a dull sound, that means you are hitting lead. If it gives more of a ringing metallic sound, that means you are hitting steel. While your rod in in there note the depth of the bore on your rod, pull it out and see where it indicates at the breech end. At this pint, I suspect it's not loaded.

Now, don't do the Buck-Skinner trick of blowing down the bore. .....
Instead, insert a lubed patch down the bore with your rod jag end and see if you have hear a hising sound out of the nipple vent.. ...

As far as the nipple, just replace it after you have freed it up. TC still makes replacement nipples. It may be rusted in. You should see a small clean out slotted set screw on the side of the snail. Leave that little bugger alone as he is trouble; rusted tight.

As Far as smiths go, most of those you go to today, don't relate well to M/L's. As few old timers are still around that can. Personally, i would pulll the lock and check for rust at the back of the lock-plate.

It's a bunch of fun getting these old orphans shooting again. Would I shoot it, you bet !!! ...

Be Safe !!!
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