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I got a good answer to my question from Jim Carlson of Jet Guns:

We don't normally give the serial number out for online orders. We send
it in the factory box as it came from the factory, which usually aren't
sealed tightly. The best way to check to make sure you get what you
ordered is to ask to see the invoice that came with the gun, since that
has your name, phone number, and the serial number of the gun that we
shipped to you. Compare that with the serial number shown on the box
AND on the gun itself to make sure both of those match. If there was a
switch you can demand you get the one we sent, then file a complaint
with the ATF. However, because of how big of a deal the ATF makes out
of such cases, I don't know of any firearms dealers that would be
willing to chance it.


Jim Carlton
Jet Guns
O - 859.987.9815
F - 888.318.8050
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