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I do not turn, or annel case necks. I do neck size with a Lee Collet die after fireforming with LC brass. With all the projectiles I have tested they work just the same as everything else. I get Half MOA on a crappy day out of my rifle at 100 yards. All but 20 pieces of my brass is range pick up. A majority of that being either Federal, or PMC. I have been picking up a lot of LC brass, as the ammo dujoir of the AR shooters has been Black Hills which happens to be loaded in new LC brass, and as far as I have found none were crimped primer pockets.

Oh and for the accuracy of my rifle the accuracy load recomended by Savage for my rifle is the 75 grain Hornady A-Max. The Hornady 68 grain HPBT Match bullets are a tad bit longer than the 68 grain Sierra Match King HPBT Match bullets. Though I use the Hornady they are cheaper, and seem to shoot just as good if not better.
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