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A common mistake on the Joe Horn shooting is that people get the impression it is OK to shoot to protect the property of a third person in Texas. The circumstances where you can legally do that in Texas are VERY limited and Joe Horn would likely have not been covered by that law.

Joe Horn's lawyer stated to the press and the grand jury that when Joe Horn confronted the men outside, they charged him and Joe Horn shot in defense OF HIMSELF, shooting one of the men in the back as he veered away at the last instant. This account was coorborated by a plainclothes officer who had arrived in response to Horn's 911 call and witnessed the entire shooting.

Horn was not real far away from having shot two men, one of them in the back, in a situation where deadly force in defense of property was not authorized and where there were no witnesses to support his version and forensic evidence was ambiguous. Throw in his 911 tape and he could have been in a world of trouble. Horn was very lucky. He was lucky he had a credible witness whose story matched his perfectly. He was lucky he had the attorney he did.
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