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Coyote Calls

I've just recently been getting into coyote hunting. I've only went out once so far, and I didn't call anything in, but I thought it was pretty fun anyway. I've looked at the various calls on the market, and I liked the electric calls I saw (foxpro especially) but they are a little out of my price range. When I went out the first time, I used a Primos Mini-Mag Howler. Now, i've followed the instructions that came with that damn thing, and I can't produce a sound that seems anything like a howl or a bark or whatever it's supposed to make.

So, TFL, what have you had success with so far? I just want something that brings in the dogs, plain and simple. I've heard that switching calls after shooting one dog can keep the other one interested even though his buddy is dead/squirming, but i'd like to keep it simple and cross that bridge when I come to it. Besides, i'm not going to be calling in 2 at once. I'm nowhere near that lucky.
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