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If you plan on hunting, the minimum requirement here is .38 special and stronger. I suggest at least a .357 magnum. .44 mag and .45 colt are good choices too. If you want the biggest and baddest, consider a .500 S&W or .45-70. My dream revolver is a Magnum Research BFR .45-70. If you want a single action that is of high quality but not the price of a Colt? Consider a Ruger. They are great guns. And I love the way they load, there is none of pulling the hammer halfway back to load. Makes it simpler and faster to reload in my opinion. If you buy a used gun, I suggest looking for a New Model. There really isn't any advantage of the Super Blackhawk except for it's stronger and heavier. And there is no advantage to the 50th anniversary guns as far as quality is concerned. If you're wanting a .44 mag, I suggest a Super Blackhawk. You'll still feel it though. If you want a double action, I really don't have any experience with those other than the Taurus Judge guns.
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