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I set mine up 'by the book' ... 10 feet away ... shoot 4-6" above sensors and it works well. As for conditions, I have shot mine on cloudy, real cloudy, and no clouds. Don't notice the chrono being affected. Always used the defusers.

It is essential to know where your gun is shooting before you shoot through it.
That is a good point! I always have my revolvers sighted in before using the chronograph with them.

Whatever you get make sure it can be controlled from the bench.
Not necessary at all. But each to their own . Read the number, write in notebook. Simple. String done, you go reset the chrono, and change out the target. Ready for next string. Once you get home, you plug the numbers into your handy dandy spreadsheet and get your average, SD, and ES numbers. This also gives you the choice of throwing out obvious bad readings (high and/or low) too. For example, at lunch today I recall for one test string, the shoots being around 1180 +- 30fps, but then had one 1055.... Now where did that come from ... throw it out. Oh my test strings are from usually 15 to 30 shots depending...

How do some of you guys manage to hit the chrono or the uprights? I mean, shooting 4" to 6" above the chrono, only 10 feet away, and shooting from a stable bench rest ... It almost seems impossible. Guess that is subject for another thread!
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