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Rem 700 bolt and magazine.

My 700 adl in 30-06 is my primary hunting rifle. I also like to shoot from the bench, and notice the bolt rotates on sear release. Very little, but a slight roll to the right as the pin moves forward (handle moves down a hair). It feels like there is a lot going on in that bolt, and I wonder if it just has a heavy pin and slow lock time. It's enough that I can not hold the cross hairs completely still on target when dry firing the rifle. Maybe 3/8 " movement on target at 100 yards. That's a lot. Is this normal for the model, or can I fix it?

Also, the blind magazine follower has started not lifting the rim high enough to be picked up by the bolt. The front of the cartridge comes up just fine. Is that likely just a weak spring, or is there something more sinister going on?

Thank you for all help and ideas.

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