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The scenario is quite important. The laws are varied, specific at times and non-specific at others.

If you want to limit the scenario to "my neighbor is in danger of being killed; will I shoot to protect him?", the answer depends upon which neighbor it is. If your question is "Someone is breaking into my neighbors house, is that a good reason to shoot?" again it depends. Is it the crazy ex-husband coming back to in the ex-wife? or is it the local tweakers looking for a quick cash score while he is at work?

A separate question you posed is; would I shoot to protect a stranger and the answer is likely yes. But it depends. I am protecting a purse snatcher from being beat by the victim? I am thinking he will take what he has coming. Generalities are too general.

You can move the goal post all around the field in hoping to make a point or you could just tell us what you are thinking.

Details matter.
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