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I live a half hour from the fort gates on either end. I can go to the north or south gate it takes a half hour to get to either. I wish they would open up the ranges to the public again. They were a month from reopening the range to the public when the shooting occoured, and as a result the public got screwed again.

My grampa was a Sgt Maj. folded in from the decomission of the T-Patchers 317th Rangers. He tought me long range shooting on the Ft Hood range with an old Sharps trap door, and a Spencer carbine.

Oh and to stay with the topic. For the OAL guage unless you are going to manualy feed the AR one round at a time loading to just under magazine lenghts should net you consitint results. For the bolt action there is some debate about getting more accuracy from loading closer to the lands. If you use Dan Neberry's OCW method you can get excelent accuracy from standard length ammo in most any rifle.
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