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Ah hah!

I see that you're from Central Texas and that explains the coyotes. I was stationed at Fort Hood in the early 70s and had a great time in the Hill Country down there. Did a lot of deer hunting on Fort Hood and called in a few coyotes. Great place. In fact I bought my ever suffering Sako Vixen down there just for coyotes. At the time, it was legal to hunt deer with a 22 centerfire in Texas and I took a nice 8 point buck with the Sako.

To stay on the 223 reloading topic, I shot that deer with a 55 grain Hornady over something like 26 grains of powder. I loaded on a Lee Loader in the barracks while my platoon sergeant and first sergeant looked the other way.

One shot through the heart at 100 yards from a kneeling position. Wow. That brings back some memories.
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