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Have your tried it over 200 yards with the 77 grain bullets? Reason I ask is that my recalcitrant Winchester Model 70 heavy barrel varmint model with a 1 in 9 twist in .223 shoots the Hornady 75 grain match bullets into pretty small groups at 100 yards, but at 200 yards the groups are in the vicinity of about 5 inches with most of the bullets showing some wobble or near key hole signatures on the target. It just isn't stabalizing anything heavier than the 69 grain Match Kings.

Rifles can sure be a law unto themselves and that Winchester has been one of those. I built it up for match shooting, but for the most part it stays in the safe as I don't want to rebarrel it. It just won't shoot the heavy bullets I need it to for the NM course with its 1 in 9 twist barrel. Guess I'll just use it for prairie dogs and the early season off hand matches that start the shooting season off.

By the way, a friend that shot with me on a military team years ago has a Savage match rifle in 223 that is an honest 1/2 MOA rifle at 200 yards. I don't know what its twist rate is, but if yours in anything like his you've got a fine rifle indeed.
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