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Democrats clear Obama - thus, this certainly will be the last definitive word - ya think?
If he was already in the clear, then why is this unsolicited "report" necessary?

[from the report] agents in Arizona — not Obama administration officials — were responsible for the tactics used in the inquiry and for providing misleading information relayed to Congress.
Actually, the idea that this was an isolated operation, run only by a rogue bunch in Arizona, has been discredited. Lanny Breuer and Kenneth Melson don't work for the Arizona field division.

For the tl;dr folks, Cummings' report closes with a list of things that would certainly keep this from happening in the future. Among those:
  1. Expand the Multiple Long Gun Sales Reporting Requirement.
  2. "The Senate should confirm a permanent director for ATF as soon as possible, and the President should consider a recess appointment if the Senate fails to do so."
  3. Enact a Dedicated Firearms Trafficking Statute, such as the one conveniently introduced last month, and co-sponsored by Schumer and Lautenberg. "Congress should consider and pass this legislation without delay."
  4. "To increase transparency by ATF and oversight by Congress, Congress should repeal the prohibition against reporting crime gun trace data."

The report does not plead ignorance on the part of the Oval Office or Attorney General, it simply makes it clear that,

[t]he Committee has obtained no evidence that Operation Fast and Furious was a politically-motivated operation conceived and directed by high-level Obama Administration political appointees at the Department of Justice.
There's a difference between tacit approval and "conceived and directed."
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