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Oh just a side note. The Lyman case prep tool works just fine for me. I think I paid $17 for it. I know it was under $20. It has the primer pocket reamer for large, and small primer pockets. It works, and takes less than 30 seconds to remove primer pocket crimps. It only has to be done once on cases. I just rund the reamer in all primer pockets, so I do not get surprises later on when seating primers.

I have found crimped primers in the following head stampped brass.
FC (Federal) About 3 or 4 of every 10 seem to have crimps.
PMC Bronze seem to have a high percentage of crimpped pockets
PPU I seem to find quite a few in those.

I have as of yet to see a crimp in R-P brass. Though they seem to be the worst about badly bent rims from firing from AR rifles, and they get screwy in my Lee Case Trimmer. I scrap them when they need trimming. I got tired of skinned knuckles from wobbling cases coming loose.

Hornady brass has since by far been my favorite. I pick it up every time I find it. Cases trim easily, and stretch verry little in my bolt action. I have some with over 12 firings out of my Savage with no need to trim yet.
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