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I shot about 250 Berry's with 3.1 grains of Bull's Eye, and they shot just dandy fine. For 231 I have info from Lyman's Pistol and Revolver 3rd Edition.

Starting load for a 150 grain Lead DEWC is 3.7 grains with a velocity of 872 fps with a pressure of 14,400 CUP

Max load is 4.2 with a velocity of 942 with a presure of 16,200 CUP

OAL for both is 1.317 with a trim length on the brass being 1.149, A light taper, or roll crimp is recomended. I used a light taper crimp to remove the case flare, and seated just slightly above flush.

OH and the load is safe to use with a 148 grain bullet, just start at the starting load, and work up. I found the starting load to work so well I have just decided to stick with it.
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