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For necked rifle calibers such as .223, I like a combo of Lee Pacemaker for their bullet seating and FCD die but then a Dillon resizing / decapping die. Dillon uses a carbide expander button on their steel resizing dies so that's better than the steel expanders in that I don't have to lube the inside of the case, but I like Lee's hand adjustable knurled knob on their bullet seater better than Dillon's wrench adjustable one. Best of all, the combination costs less than a full set of Dillon dies.

I don't use Lee's rubber o ring jam nuts but rather I buy packs of Dillon's 1" nuts so that I can use a 1" wrench on them.

For Pistol calibers, the Lee Deluxe Carbide 4 die sets are my favorite and they've given me great service for 10s and 10s of thousand of rounds with them.

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