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My pleasure, TWR. I enjoy helping newer shooters when I can, particularly fellow revolver shooters.

One very important thing to keep in mind about dry fire drills, especially those involving gun handling skills & a timer: Think of them as vision drills as much as gun handling skills. Whether target or combat action shooting, you always need to see what you need to see when making any shot. They're called "fundamentals" for a reason, though they're applied faster in some situations. The temptation is to run drills to beat a timer, but if you're not seeing a good sight picture, and exercising good control in the process, you'll actually be offsetting all your other hard work.

Speaking of a timer, if you're interested in trying one, here's a link to some on-line drills, one of which has a timer:

Finally, here's a video of the 15 minute program, in case you're interested.
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