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As you creep through the woods, the squirrels will know you are there and will hide until the danger is gone. My grandpa, who taught me how to hunt, always filled a pocket with acorns or pebbles. We'd go into an acorn flat (Oak flat) and sit against a tree and wait 5 or 10 minutes and then he'd start flicking acorns or pebbles out into the leaves. To the squirrels, that signaled that the danger must be gone, cause some other squirrel is out there eating acorns and dropping the shell pieces. They'd come out of hiding and we'd get a couple of them. Then on to the next promising area. He used his old Model 12 Winchester and I carried my 410 single shot. These days I use one of my scoped lever action 22's unless I need to get more than a couple. If I need squirrels in quantity, I use Grandpa's old full choked Model 12.
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