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OK, I will take the opposing position

Each gun will be a law unto itself. One load may work really well in your long barrel, but not shoot well in the short.

On the other hand, having said that, most handguns will shoot more accurately than most people can hold them, so the differences in accuracy will be hidden behind your (in)ability to hold the gun as precisely as the gun can shoot. Mount a gun in a Ransom rest and try it.

On the OTHER other hand. A load that is efficient in a long barrel will leave a lot of power unused when fired from a short barrel. A powder (and charge weight) that is "tuned" to wring the best amount of power out of a short barrel will leave a lot of potential unused when fired in a long barrel. Compare a 2" barrel to an 8" barrel. A load that burns up all its power in a 2" barrel essentially wastes the extra 6" when used in the long barrel. It isn't quite that simple, but the concept is valid. (For example, 2400 in a longer barrel and bullseye in a short one.)

On the OTHER Other hand, keeping track of a a lot of different loads IS a lot of work, record-keeping, trial and error and will almost certainly involve investment in a Chronograph.

But, that's what hobbies are all about, right? Kind of like enjoying the meal of a $6,000 Largemouth Bass. (Boat, trailer, tackle, fuel, etc) But GOOD eating.

Lost Sheep

P.S. I warned you I would take the opposing position. But like adding cartridges and firearms, I don't know when to stop.
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