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Often times a good lawyer will be able to get statements thrown out if you have not been advised of your rights. I would not want to rely on that though.

I would be real careful about what you say. Just keep in mind you will have to repeat the story about one billion times. Laws are very different in different states and one action that might get you no billed in one state will get you locked up for 5-10 in another.

I would not count on the police not taking all of your guns unless the case is open and shut and they believe your story. Most likely they will believe that the gun apparent in play was the gun used; but a smart cop might want to cover his bases just in case something goes haywire.
know the law, act within it, and stick to the facts.
Great advice.

Alternatively if you acted outside the law but believed it was necessary at the time you are going to have a rough time of it. Strangely everyone here is assuming a good shoot. I can't really advise you here on what to do if you broke the law with the best of intentions but don't want to go to prison for momentary lapse of judgment in a situation that you did not instigate.
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