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Thank you Mr. Borland! The fifteen minute drills look very interesting, and they are something I can do after work, which'll be so nice. the 11 hours days also make getting to the range hard. It also looks incredibly thorough! The scoring system, for range time, while something I had heard about never even entered my mind as something to use to help me advance. I'm not the most scientific fellow. Thank you so much.
Thank you Mr. Willikers as well. I looked up firearms drills while I was at work, but alas the internet filter they have prevents me from getting to any firearms related sites short of wikipedia, and TFL (frankly I'm very surprised they let me get on TFL, but by some miracle this site squeaks through...) So if I have a question at work I turn to you guys and your collective years of experience.
I'm copying the drills on the site you linked into my email though, so I can puruse it at work tomorrow as I watch the lot. Thank you.
And thank you all for lending me your wisdom and experience.
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