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Hmmm . . . offhand, I'd say this is akin to buying a new car and then driving it through the woods at night to see if you can get through without any damage . . . .

The OP states that he was using possibly powerful reloads in it that may have caused the damage . . . I have to give him credit for at least being honest . . .

"Common sense" comes to mind . . . oh yea, I forgot . . . not too many folks have it anymore . . .

I have to wonder what would have happened if the shooter of this pistol had lost a couple of fingers from the mishap? All I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't standing nearby at a range with pistol parts flying by because too "powerful" of reloads were being shot.

Like one poster mentioned . . . I'd like to see the photos and articles that the OP mentioned about having seen the same thing happen with factory ammo . . . . we're waiting . . . .
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