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Just a few comments:

Jeff22 Post #35. Best discussion I have seen on this subject.

TennJed Post #19: My CCW Instructor provided a list of SUCCSSFUL 5a Attorneys as a part of the course materials. Most of them were successful in defending LEOs as well as civilians. Most Attorneys will give you an hour or so to discuse your situation.

Joneman post # 22: Do not expect to get your weapon back. Some departments have a problem with retaining a chain of custody once the case is closed. Pinal County SO, Paul Babeau is reported to have lost over 200 weapons along with the custody documents.

Recieve the Police you should be Clearly visible, with Open hands up, weapon on ground and out of your reach. Assuming it is safe to do so. Generally the bad guys DeDE when the blue lights are visible.

While on Reserve Duty in NM with a bunch of Ar Troopers I listened to a discussion with NM LEOs concerning NMs open carry. NM Guys said they loved it when they pulled up on a shooting. The bad guy was on the ground and the shooter was standing there with his gun on the ground along with his ID and his hands in the air.
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