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IMHO their quality of work is excellent. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
I would have to agree, good work but on the high side. For what they want in just a plain upper, you can get a good & complete AR. They are great for one stop shopping when looking for parts but again still a little high if you shop around. Another example is the price of their GI leather slings. I can buy two Turners for the price they want for their no name one. (Turner is the industry standard for GI leather slings)

I don’t know of anyone who competes with their Peerless AR upper. For the less money you can get a Compass Lake or White Oak Precision upper and well on your way to paying for a complete lower. The shelf doesn’t get any higher than Compass Lake or White Oak Precision. Not even if you stand on your tippy toes. If Fulton was at least an equal to WOP or CL, there would be people shooting them.

I have been to their booth at Perry. Very nice looking rifles indeed. I'm sure they shoot fine but you can have it for less $.
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