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For overall versatility for the recoil sensitive, you just can't beat a .243 Win. It is also a dynamite long range varmint cartridge when loaded with lightweight bullets and equipped with an appropriate scope. While many tout the 7mm-08 as a mild recoiling cartridge, many of them come in the form of lightweight carbines, and having owned a Model 70 20" barrel lightweight carbine, it was not a light kicker. Particularly when loaded with the most popular factory ammo, a 140 gr SP at around 2700 fps. Great deer cartridge, absolutely, but not in the same light kicking league as a .243 win. Trust me, I have owned 5 different .243 Winchesters, and my current Sako A-7 is probably the hardest kicker of all them and it is mild, even with 95 gr Ballistic Tips at 3000 fps which is good medicine for any buck out to 300 yards. Some prefer the Partition, but I get much better accuracy with the Ballistic Tip. The 30-30 is a good hunting round as long as you are willing to give up half the range and a lot of accuracy compared to the .243 Win. If you want a real pussycat, recoil wise, get yourself a Weatherby Vanguard in .243 Win. They are a little heavier than most comparable rifles and will reduce the recoil even more with the extra 1/2 pound or so they carry. They are also reasonably priced and are available with a 24" barrel to give maximum performance out of factory ammo. Seriously, if you don't like recoil and want to be able to practice enough to improve your skill, get a .243 Winchester and don't look back. At least that is my honest opinion and based on actual experience.
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